Hiking Adventures: Olomana (first peak)

Last weekend, three friends and I hiked to the first (of  three) peaks of Olomana. I see this mountain from my house everyday since it’s less than a mile away, but only hiked it for the first time just then. It’s so close that when we were sitting at the top, I called my Dad, had him stand outside the house with a binoculars and look for us. He seen us waving. It was pretty amazing!

The hike is well rounded in the sense that you get all sorts of hiking trails. First, there’s about a 1/2 mile of paved road from the parking area to the trail head. Then you begin the actual trail in a mud-dirt (depending on the conditions) trail. This portion is pretty much all covered with trees and shade. Once you get to the first rest/scenic point, the trail changes again to more of an incline, and more exposed to the sun, but that just means you’ll have a view for most of the way up. Then another portion is a “wind tunnel” which is a patch of pine trees that really picks p the wind. A bit more inclined trails then you’ll hit a bunch of rocky areas. This is the fun part. There are ropes tied to trees at the top of the rocky inclines, and the only way up is to use the rope. (See what I mean by all sorts of terrain?) There are…four (I think) areas where ropes are necessary to climb up. Climbing down isn’t has fun as up…especially when you have an audience of random guys watching and waiting to climb up the ropes…

Well, check out my video that I made from the hike. Just a bunch of clips of my friends and I–but mostly them–since I was holding the camera.

This video was shot with my GoPro HD Hero and edited in Windows Movie Maker. Music by The Green, Good Vibration from their Ways and Means album. Bomb song, I love it. Enjoy the video!

I should also mention that I crossed off yet another 30 before 30 item. #24…crossed out. Check out my list here.

In the Kitchen: Furikake Crusted Seared Ahi

I haven’t posted a recipe in a very long time. It’s probably because I rarely cook, and when I do, it’s so super simple. Either that, or I’ll make it on the fly without following a recipe. Tonight I had to make dinner for myself and so I decided to document it out of sheer boredom.

I’ve been buying ahi tuna for dirt cheap lately from a friend whose friend goes to the auction block. I figure it’s worth it since fish is so healthy for me and it’s expensive in the markets. I’ve been making fresh ahi poke, and my Dad’s been making tuna patties and fried fish, but I myself have never taken the reigns and cooked, so this was my time.

Let’s get started. First, I gathered my ingredients.

Then I made my “crust” which was furikake, garlic salt, salt and pepper. Spread it out on a plate and drop the fish filets over the crust. Crust both sides.

I sprayed a pan with non-fat cooking spray and turned the stove to medium to high heat. This way, I can quickly sear the sides and remove it from the heat. After both sides of the fish are coated, place in the heated pan.

Quickly, while the fish was cooking, I made a wasabi-mayonnaise sauce to top it off with. You can make it to taste, as spicy or mild as you want.

I flipped the fish when I seen the sides were slightly cooked, then took it off the heat. If you don’t like your fish raw in the center, then cook both sides, flipping it back and forth so the crust doesn’t burn, but since fish cooks pretty quick, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Top it off with the wasabi mayonnaise and ta-da! A super easy healthy dinner and even I can make. ;)

Benefits of eating fish:

Not only is tuna packed with protein and essential vitamins, it is high in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of unsaturated fat and are essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids cannot be synthesized by the body, so they must be obtained from the diet.

(From mealsmatter.org)

How Hipster

So here I am, blogging from a Starbucks down the road from my house, listening to coffee house music and sipping on an iced green tea while studying my brain away (well, except for this quick blog break that I took).

I don’t think I’ve been to Starbucks this often even when I used to work right next door to one. I activated my Starbucks card last October and only within the last 3 months did I reach my 15 stars, and now I’m determined to hit 30 drinks by October just so that I can get a Gold card. Who have I become?

I think it’s so much more peaceful to study away from home. I also find that caffeine and studying go hand in hand. Don’t judge me, because after last semester and putting my efforts in to my school work, I managed to get straight A’s, didn’t lose any sleep—okay, maybe a little—and kept a decent social life.

This summer I’ve enrolled myself in 4 classes and am determined to grab straight A’s again until I graduate in the Spring of 2013. Yes, the time will finally be here when I can finally say that I’m no longer a college student…unless I decide to get another degree, perhaps in Marketing?